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Get Paid to Host Webinars

Ever considered charging attendees to join your webinar? You should! With WOA you can charge your attendees up-front to join your webinar, YOU GET PAID directly, and then they can register for your webinar - an instant new revenue stream!

Guaranteed Traffic

One-Click Offers to Increase Sales

Research shows a customer must see your offer 10-12x before they buy. With WOA you can easily flash your offer over and over to your attendees whenever you want, they simply click on your offer, and you drastically increase sales.

Guaranteed Traffic

Guaranteed Traffic to Your Site

You lose 80% of your webinar attendees when you tell them to "visit a website" at the end of your webinar. With WOA you can force redirect 100% of your ENTIRE webinar audience to your website and GUARANTEE traffic to your website.

Guaranteed Traffic

More Interaction = More Money

Unparalled interactive features: bring speakers in and out of your webinar with one click, enjoy live chat, unlimited real-time polls, q&a 1on 1 with attendees, attendees can raise their hands, social media integration, and so much more!

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Customization for Brand Recognition

Upload your company logo or video to beautifully designed 100% customizable webinar registration pages that make you look like a pro. Additionally, upload your company logo to brand the inside of your webinar room for massive brand exposure.

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Record your webinars

With Webinars OnAir the minute you broadcast your webinar, Google starts recording your presentation. When your webinar is over the recording appears on your YouTube channel, which you can then sell to your customers - instant product creation!

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Step 1: Schedule Your Webinar

Simply put in the title, description, and date of your webinar, and decide if you would like to charge people to attend.

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Step 2: Add Panelists

Add in the e-mails of the panelists who will be speaking on your webinar... all e-mail invites, follow-up e-mails, and reminder e-mails are handled by Webinars OnAir. Relax, we have you covered.

Guaranteed Traffic

Step 3: Integrate Autoresponder

Easily integrate your e-mail auto responder into Webinars OnAir so when people register for your webinar, they also instantly opt-in to and build your personal e-mail list. (this is unheard of in any other webinar platform)

Check out some of these features from our awesome tool suite!

One-Click Webinar Registration!

What if you could send an e-mail thru any e-mail client with a link to your webinar where people could simply click the link and AUTOMATICALLY REGISTER for your upcoming webinar?

What this really means is every single person that clicks your Webinars OnAir link will be automatically registered leaving you with a 100% successful registration, and a jam-packed webinar room full of attendees!

You don't need to collect their name and e-mail… people simply click your link and wallah, they are magically and instantly registered. Brilliant technology!



Recurring Webinars

Set up daily, weekly, or monthly webinars where attendees register once, and they will be registered for ALL the subsequent webinars thereafter in the sequence.

Imagine if you want to host an ongoing weekly or monthly free training call. Or if you want to meet daily or weekly with your sales team. Or if you want to host a webinar every Wednesday to feature your products and services to the world… with Webinars OnAIr, simply set up a "Recurring Webinar," and once attendees register for the webinar, they are locked into your recurring webinar series indefinitely!

Go ahead, make an offer.

For the first time in the webinar arena, share offers with your attendees that display to your audience when you are ready.

You simply fill out the form, add an image, a description, a link to your order page, and click a button when the time is right and your offer magically appears. Your attendees can click on your order link without leaving their room!



Involve the crowd.

Easily create polls and surveys to collect some invaluable data from your attendees. Create as many as you want throughout the webinar, activate them and deactivate them at any time. You also have the ability to show the attendees the results in real time!

Answer some questions.

The ability for your attendees to ask questions to the speakers and be activated and deactivated at any time. When activated, the attendee simply types in a question, and the moderators can see it instantly on their end. The moderator then has the option of either answering the attendees question privately, or publicly to all of the attendees. The answer will then pop up on the attendees view and can be closed by them at any time. Doesn't get much easier than that!



Control the Room.

You have complete control over your attendees. You can bring people into the webinar directly from your "attendees" tab, and put them back in attendee mode when you are ready. With 10 speakers available at one time, you can bring in speakers as you please. All they need is a Google+ account and they are right in there with you!

You also have the ability so search through your attendees, and remove them from the webinar with the "Ban User" button.

Whenever you are ready to end your webinar, you can now easily redirect your attendess to any page you want! Could be a sales page, your facebook profile, anything! This is an extremely powerful option.

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