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In just 3 simple steps, anyone can create a webinar that is ready-to-go! Most webinar softwares are confusing and overwhelming. There is absolutely zero tech skills required to create, start, and host a webinar with Webinars OnAir, and you can create your first webinar in under 60 seconds.



Keep all the professional webinar features you love, unlock front-line webinar features you won't find anywhere else, and experience the most reliable webinar foundation on the internet (Google) all wrapped up in the most cost-effective webinar solution on the planet.



For the Business Pro: Enjoy cutting-edge monetization features including the ability to charge your attendees up-front to join your webinar, flash clickable offers in front of the audience, and force redirect 100% of the attendees to your sales page when the webinar ends.

You want powerful? We've got you covered!

Tracking PixelsNEW FEATURE!

Using Tracking Pixels with your webinars is a BIG deal because now you can start creating laser targeted audiences for re-targeting even if your prospects never actually register for the webinar!

Simply create the Tracking Pixel you want to use, and copy & paste the pixel into your Webinars OnAir webinar funnel. This intel can be used to create profitable lookalike audiences and extremely powerful re-targeting campaigns that can help you close sales!

Stay in front of your webinar registrants & customers wherever they go on the internet: As a marketer and business owner, this brand new feature makes WOA unbelievably powerful, and is something no other webinar platform provides.



Automated Webinars!

Our proprietary technology is state of the art, and people pay hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars PER MONTH for this type of automated webinar software. Imagine if you could 'Host' a live webinar without you even having to show up? Imagine being able to train your sales team, teach new employees, share your desktop, explain your products and services to interested prospects, all in what feels like a "Live" environment, but it's actually recorded while you're off doing whatever it is you love to do!

Take a recorded video, create an "Automated Webinar" with WOA's innovative software, and then go live your life. What's really neat is you could actually go into your "Automated" webinar while it's running and turn on the Live Chat & Q&A to interact 'Real Time' with your attendees to make it even more real.

Combine 'Automated Webinars' with 'Recurring Webinars,' and you could literally have a sales team working for you on autopilot 365 days / year on complete autopilot! Unbelievable... Incredible... Welcome to the future of Webinars...

One-Click Webinar Registration!

What if you could send an e-mail thru any e-mail client with a link to your webinar where people could simply click the link and AUTOMATICALLY REGISTER for your upcoming webinar?

What this really means is every single person that clicks your Webinars OnAir link will be automatically registered leaving you with a 100% successful registration, and a jam-packed webinar room full of attendees!

You don't need to collect their name and e-mail... people simply click your link and wallah, they are magically and instantly registered. Brilliant technology!



Recurring Webinars

Set up daily, weekly, or monthly webinars where attendees register once, and they will be registered for ALL the subsequent webinars thereafter in the sequence.

Imagine if you want to host an ongoing weekly or monthly free training call. Or if you want to meet daily or weekly with your sales team. Or if you want to host a webinar every Wednesday to feature your products and services to the world... with Webinars OnAIr, simply set up a "Recurring Webinar," and once attendees register for the webinar, they are locked into your recurring webinar series indefinitely!

Go ahead, make an offer.

For the first time in the webinar arena, share offers with your attendees that display to your audience when you are ready.

You simply fill out the form, add an image, a description, a link to your order page, and click a button when the time is right and your offer magically appears. Your attendees can click on your order link without leaving their room!



Involve the crowd.

Easily create polls and surveys to collect some invaluable data from your attendees. Create as many as you want throughout the webinar, activate them and deactivate them at any time. You also have the ability to show the attendees the results in real time!

Answer some questions.

The ability for your attendees to ask questions to the speakers and be activated and deactivated at any time. When activated, the attendee simply types in a question, and the moderators can see it instantly on their end. The moderator then has the option of either answering the attendees question privately, or publicly to all of the attendees. The answer will then pop up on the attendees view and can be closed by them at any time. Doesn't get much easier than that!



Control the Room.

You have complete control over your attendees. You can bring people into the webinar directly from your "attendees" tab, and put them back in attendee mode when you are ready. With 10 speakers available at one time, you can bring in speakers as you please. All they need is a Google+ account and they are right in there with you!

You also have the ability to search through your attendees, and remove them from the webinar with the "Ban User" button.

Whenever you are ready to end your webinar, you can now easily redirect your attendees to any page you want! Could be a sales page, your facebook profile, anything! This is an extremely powerful option.

Embed Your Registration Forms!

Embedded Registration Forms on your own Website! All you'll need to do is include a simple HTML code on your website where you want the registration form to be displayed, and Webinars OnAir will do the rest.

You can customize the look and feel of the embedded forms, change the text, etc; all from the Webinars OnAir member area.



Harness the Power of a Cloud-Based Platform

You shouldn't have to be an I.T. guy to be able to run webinars. Because Webinars OnAir is hosted in the cloud, it means that we have virtually unlimited scalable resources to serve you. This matters because you can rest assured that no matter how many people you have wanting to see your webinar, we can expand our services to meet your needs. No more crashed sites and slow speeds.

Webinars OnAir is built by hand from the ground up - This means you don't have to worry about updating plugins, or downloading clunky software. Combining this system with the speed and reliablilty of Google's Hangouts On Air means that, well, it just works.

Webinars OnAir integrates seamlessly with these companies:

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We LOVE our customers!
We think the feeling is mutual

Mike Dillard

For years, webinars have been the single best way to sell a product, and for years we were stuck with GoToWebinar, which limited us to 1,000 attendees, and provided no way to let viewers click an "Add To Cart" link. 

After trying every platform on the market, we finally found WebinarsOnAir, and it's changed everything. 

In less than 60 seconds, I can schedule a webinar for up to 5,000 people without a paying a single dime extra, and I can finally provide our audience with a a clickable link to purchase our product, any time I want during the presentation. 

The very first time we used WebinarsOnAir, we had 3,236 attendees, and produced $107,000 in revenue during the presentation. 

After sending the recording of the presentation that WebinarsOnAir provided automatically, we produced $464,000 in total revenue within 7 days. 

If you're using webinars, and you're not using WebinarsOnAir, you're losing sales. 

WebinarsOnAir is the single best webinar tool on the market today, period.

"The beauty of Webinars OnAir #1 for me is how non-technical it is on top of how beautiful the registration pages look because first impression online is really important. I use this platform to host my webinars AND as landing pages for my business to generate leads!

"I used WOA for one of my biggest product launches and because of all the great features Webinars OnAir has, I was able to make more sales than I've ever made on anything... EVER. I absolutely love it, the simplicity of it, and all of my clients and followers seem to love it. I am an absolute Webianrs OnAir groupie from now on, and if you're thinking about any other webinar software you're insane."

"We use Webinars OnAir for training inside of a community we're in, and it keeps the community all together because of how it's designed and how easily you can interact with your team, customers, and prospects. Webinars OnAir is where it's at, and I highly recommend it."

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