How to Use the Best Webinar Software

How to Use the Best Webinar Software

Small businesses should investigate using a webinar platform for hosting presentations, conferences and meetings.  This technology is trendy right now, and it is very cost effective.  You can communicate with people anywhere in the world for very little, and with the features that a good webinar platform offers your company can benefit in many ways. Plus, you can reach out to a very wide audience.  There are no limits when you are using the best webinar software!

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is a great feature in a webinar service and is typically the mainstay of any webinar platform.  The presenter can share what is on their screen with the audience.  They may share PowerPoint slides, graphics and other documents, or they can navigate to a website.  Some webinar services are also letting webcams be a feature of their screen sharing.  Having visuals during a webinar is paramount to keeping your audience interested and engaged.  Any webinar platform worth buying will have several methods of sharing your screen with your audience.

Interaction with Attendees

The best webinar software services allow you some interaction with your attendees.  It may be as simple as an instant message or it can get more complex with real-time polls, chat rooms, and even allowing an attendee to become the presenter and speak to the entire audience.

This type of interaction with your attendees is priceless.  You can answer questions and hear feedback from your viewers in real time.  With many companies choosing to cut their promotional budgets this is a great way to come together.  If you hosted a location event (which is costly) you may see a very small return on your investment, but by having a virtual meeting you will see a very large return. You also have the potential to gain clients when interacting with attendees who are just getting familiar with your company.


For a relatively small price you can host a webinar, charging attendees several times more than what you pay for that service a month, and do it all from behind your desk without traveling! Webinars can be good money makers for companies.  Certain webinar services allow you to market your products as ads throughout the webinar increasing the potential revenue stream.

In addition to marketing your products, some webinar services have features allowing you to re-direct your attendees to a specific website after the webinar is over.  If you used that to your advantage, you could re-direct your attendees to a webpage with supplemental products for sale.  The best webinar software will allow you to record your webinar so you can also take advantage of recording your live webinar and then having it for sale or using it as a follow-up tool for your attendees.

Webinars are a great service to offer your clients.  They are relatively low-cost and let you reach a large audience from right behind your desk.  With all the features webinar services have to offer you are sure to gain more interest in your company and possibly new clients.

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