Webinars OnAir Training Series | Session 7 | Promise

Have you ever been on a webinar where you were promised to get one thing, but the content on the webinar was completely different from what was promised?

This happens all too often, and it is the fastest way to go out of business if you’re leveraging the power of webinars. (we’ve seen ti happen!)

Today’s tutorial is simple, but SO vitally important.

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Webinars OnAir Training Series | Session 5 | Establish Credibility

Why should your prospects and customers listen to you?

You MUST be able to answer this question well enough so that your prospects register and show up for your webinar.

So here’s my question:

Have you established enough credibility and authority to persuade potential customers to 100% register and show up for your webinars?

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Webinars OnAir Training Series | Session 4 | The Story

You’re in for a real treat today.

We have a guy who’s sold millions of dollars on webinars, and he says that without “X,” you have NOTHING!

Said differently,

“If you don’t have “X” you will make no sales and turn no profit on your webinars, period.”

Want to discover what “X” is?

This secret “X” is waiting for you  inside today’s training.

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Webinars OnAir Training Series | Session 3 | The Hook

Discover the Simple Steps to Create an Irresistible “HOOK” for Your Webinar that Dramatically Enhances the Performance & Profitability of Your Webinar.

Why are people going to “stick” and stay on your webinar?

What are they going to learn?

How do they benefit?

Why should they stay?

Where is the VALUE?

What’s in it for them!?  (NOT you!)

This is what we call the “HOOK.” And it needs to be SEXY.

Note: it doesn’t need to cure cancer or anything, but it does need to ‘hook’ your prospects, capture their attention, and provide some type of solution or pain-killer to their pain.

And whether or not you get this part right will determine the success (or failure) of your webinar.

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Webinars OnAir Training Series | Session 2 | The Introduction Part 2

In the last training session we dissected for a few minutes the million dollar introduction that you can “hijack” and use for your own webinars.

In today’s short tutorial, we’re going to go over PART 2 of your vital introduction.

*** Warning: if you get any part of this introduction wrong, it will cost you sales and money. Watch the above video like a hawk because this is the ONLY way you should be starting your webinars.

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Webinars OnAir Training Series: Session 1 – The Introduction

Look, webinars can be one of the most profitable things you can do for your business, and do you know what the most important part is?


If you get this part wrong, your attendees will not be ‘hooked’ or ‘engaged,’ which means they will drop off and leave your webinar within minutes (which is detrimental to your bottom line).

In this short 6 minute video, we’re going to teach you how a $20 Million Dollar Man starts every single one of his webinars for maximum profit and engagement.

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