Affiliate Link Tracking Inside Webinars OnAir

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Webinars OnAir now Affiliate Link Tracking functionality! You can integrate affiliate link tracking into Webinars OnAir to allow your affiliates to still get credit for an affiliate referral by them promoting the webinar with a special link.

You can find instructions and settings for Affiliate Link Integration under My Account -> Advanced.


Implementing the Custom Post Registration Redirect

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Webinars OnAir has introduced a brand new, and very powerful feature for our application. The “Custom Registration Redirect!” This is another tool we have added to help your monetize your webinars like no other system before!

So what is the Custom Registration Redirect? This exciting new feature allows you to automatically redirect someone that registers for your webinar to a custom URL of YOUR CHOICE. Do you have something you would like your registrants to read over and become familiar with before the webinar? Did you create a custom thank-you video that you really want all of your registrants to see? Maybe you just want them to head over to your Facebook or Google+ page? It’s all possible now with this new feature, but thats not necessarily where the real power is with this feature.

Imagine you were able to get 3,000 people to register for your upcoming webinar. (Great job!) Now, imagine that only 1,000 of those attendees actually make it to your webinar. (This is actually a good show rate) That means that there are 2,000 people that will never get a chance to see what you have to offer. They’ll never see your product or service that you want them to see!

But what if you could force all of your registrants to see your offer? What if they didn’t even have to attend your webinar to see your product or service? That’s what this new feature can do for you. When a user registers for your webinar, you can automatically redirect them to your sales page, product page, service page, or any other offer that you want your registrants to see. That means that 100% of your registrants will now see what you have to offer.


This feature is now available in your Webinars OnAir back office for all membership levels. When you create a webinar, you will now see a field that asks for a “Thank You Page Redirect.” You will simply put in the URL you want your registrants to be taken to, and we’ll take care of the rest. Remember, this feature is completely optional, so creating your webinar is just as easy as it ever was.

One-Click Registration Links in Your Autoresponder

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Imaging being able to send an e-mail thru any e-mail client with a link to your webinar where people could simply click the link and AUTOMATICALLY REGISTER for your upcoming webinar?

What this really means is every single person that clicks your Webinars OnAir link will be automatically registered leaving you with a 100% successful registration, and a jam-packed webinar room full of attendees!

You don’t need to collect their name and e-mail… people simply click your link and wallah, they are magically and instantly registered. Brilliant technology that will cause a huge boost in webinar attendees for you!

Using our Embedded Registration Forms

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The newest update just added today: Embedded Registration Forms on your own Website!

All you’ll need to do is include a simple HTML code on your website where you want the registration form to be displayed, and Webinars OnAir will do the rest.

You can customize the look and feel of the embedded forms, change the text, etc; all from the Webinars OnAir member area.

With recurring webinars, the embedded registration form will be automatically updated with the new dates/times once the current webinar event is over. All you’ll need to worry about is sending traffic to your website so they can register for your webinars!

Exporting Your Registration & Attendee Lists (2:05)

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While we do offer integration with many autoresponders (and we will be adding more as we grow), you may not see your specific autoresponder on the list of those we have integrated with. Not to worry! You can export a list of your registrants AND attendees for each webinar you host with just ONE CLICK! Watch this quick video to see how.