The following are webinar features that Fortune 500 Companies pay thousands of dollars for each month that you can have for next to nothing inside Webinars OnAir.

(We keep it simple! Enjoy step-by-step tutorials to get you hosting your very first webinar starting TODAY!)

Charge AttendeesAutomated Webinars Are Here!

Enjoy ALL of the benefits of a LIVE webinar experience without ever having to show up, and automate the entire process for ultimate time freedom and leverage! People pay hundreds (or thousands) of dollars per month for this technology.

Charge AttendeesCharge Attendees to Join Your Webinar

Easily create a "PAID" webinar where your attendees pay YOU first via PayPal and you Keep 100% of it! Attendees receive an invite to your webinar after they pay, we take care of the technical stuff, and YOU GET PAID!

Sell Your Stuff!Sell Your Stuff with One Click

Share offers with your attendees that display to your audience when you are ready. Add an image, a description, a link to your order page, and click a button when the time is right and your offer magically appears.

Custom Post Registraion RedirectCustom Post Registration Redirect

After your attendees register for each webinar, you have complete control of what page they see next! Force re-direct 100% of your registrants instantly to website, thank-you page, or offer to BOOST SALES, ROI, and CONVERSIONS!

Build Your ListBuild Your Personal List Fast!

Easily integrate your autoresponder with Webinars OnAir so every time someone registers for your webinar, they AUTOMATICALLY join one of YOUR personal lists... that means BIG MONEY for you LONG-TERM!

GOOGLE!The GOOGLE Foundation

We combine the most innovative and intuitive Webinar Tool Suite with the user-friendly and easy-to-use Google+ Hangouts for a professional Webinar experience unlike any other.

10 Moderators/Speakers at a time!10 Moderators / Speakers at Once

Easily turn your attendees into moderators so they can speak and share their desktop. Add and remove moderators "on the fly" with the click of one button.

Share Your Desktop!Share Your Desktop

Instantly share your screen so that you can demonstrate products, share live presentations with people across the globe, and interact with hundreds of potential customers.

Record Your WebinarsRecord Your Webinars

Every webinar you host is automatically recorded and stored in your YouTube account as a private video that you can reuse, give away, or even sell as your very own product.

Customization!Private Labeling & Customization

Enjoy a simple, slick user experience that is completely controlled by you where you can fully brand and customize your room with banners, offers, and promotions to Make More Money with Webinars OnAir!

Super AffordableSuper Affordable

The reason Webinars OnAir is so darn affordable is because we are leveraging and utilizing the strength of the Google+ platform, which allow us to keep our costs extremely low compared to other "competitor" webinar services.

Go Social!Go Social with your Webinars

Attendees can easily click a button to invite their FaceBook friends and Twitter followers to join YOUR webinar (Note: your audience will see this feature available when you are hosting a "FREE" webinar only)

Control the Post-Webinar PageRedirect Your Attendees

When you're ready to end your webinar, you can easily force 100% of your attendees to any website or sales page you want for guaranteed customers to your site & a drastic increase in sales!

Email Interaction on AutopilotE-Mail Interaction on Autopilot

We take care of all your e-mail reminders! Registrants will receive immediate invites to your webinar, reminder e-mails, and even a follow-up e-mail after the webinar is over on your behalf.

Attendee TrackingAttendee Tracking

Keep track of who is viewing your webinar with our beautiful viewer's panel. You can search through your entire attendees list and instantly bring guests into the action as moderators.'

Connect With Your AudienceConnect with Your Audience

Interact LIVE with your attendees via live chat, collect invaluable data via interactive polls and surveys, and answer questions when your attendees raise their hands."

View From the Attendee Room

Simple yet powerful tools

Once activated by the moderator, attendees have the ability to participate in polls, ask questions, chat with attendees and moderators and view any offers that have been presented to them, all with the click of a button!

Customization & Streaming

With our premium membership, you can customize the room to make it your own. All of our memberships have the power of the high-def stream that will resize to fit all of your attendees browsers!

Every tool has its place

With our simple to understand tool interface, everything the attendee needs is right in front of them, and can be closed or shown at their discretion. No more headaches!

View for attendees

View From the Moderator Room

The Webinars OnAir App

Our application seamlessly integrates with Google Hangouts, and can be used as any other app available. Simply click on the Webinars OnAir icon, and up pops the entire tool suite just for you!

All of your tools, right at your fingertips

Once you have activated the Webinars OnAir application, the entire tool suite becomes available for you. Create polls, chat with attendees, allow for questions & answers, and even present an offer that an attendee can purchase ON THE SPOT, right through their room. Along with our suite of tools, you have all of the Google Hangout apps at your disposal. Share your screen, add fun effects, doodle around and so much more!

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