How Google+ Hangouts On Air is Changing the Webinar World Forever

How Google+ Hangouts On Air is Changing the Webinar World Forever

There has been a lot of buzz going around about Google+ Hangouts On Air, and how they are making a major splash in the web webinar world. Hangouts On Air was released publicly to all Google+ users in May of 2012 and enables these users to stream their Hangout On Air publicly on Google+, their YouTube channel, and their website. Super-simple to set up, all you need to get these hangouts rolling is a Google+ account and a YouTube account. Why do you need a YouTube account? Because not only does Google broadcast your hangout on your channel, but it records it for you and hosts it on your YouTube channel after you’ve finished! Did I mention they do all of this FOR FREE!?

The use of Google+ Hangouts On Air (HOA) as a webinar service seems to be taking off rather quickly. As Gene Marks, a contributor for Forbes, wrote in his article titled “How Google is Forever Changing the Webinar,”

It’s like having a giant TV studio to broadcast to the world…from your office.

The ease of use, excellent features, and insanely low cost margins compared to other webinar services, HOA seems like a no brainer for webinars, but even more importantly – they are FUN!

Now, as with any service, there are some drawbacks to using HOA as a pure webinar service. For instance, currently there is no way to register attendees built in – yes, you can build something yourself that would take a good bit of programming knowledge. Who wants to learn all that? There are also no email reminders for those that want to attend, along with no real way to interact with them in real-time. That is where Webinars OnAir comes in!

Webinars OnAir is the new all-in-one webinar suite for Google+ Hangouts. We transform HOA in to a tricked out webinar platform unlike anything available on the market today – for a fraction of the cost. Not only do we add all of the standard webinar features you need with things like live chat, questions & answers, polls, registrations, reminder emails, etc., we have features that will make business owners wonder how they survived without this for so long. To sum it up in one work: MONETIZATION!

The monetization tools that Webinars OnAir bring to the table can’t be found anywhere else. The ability to present one-click offers to your attendees, right in their webinar room? They don’t even have to leave the webinar! You can show this offer as many times as you want, you can have multiple offers, they can be free downloads… we even have it integrated with paypal so you can sell products in your webinar, and they pay you DIRECTLY through your paypal account! So powerful.

Another major feature we bring – the force redirect. This is truly a game changer. Our studies have shown, that when you tell your attendees to go to a website or a sales page at the end of your webinar, around 80% of those users will simply not make it there. Now, what if at the end of your webinar, instead of just telling users to go to a website, you actually SEND them there without them needing to do a thing. The force redirect automatically sends your attendees to whatever web page you want them to see, whenever you are ready for them to see it. That means 100% of your attendees will see your offer! Imagine what that could do for your business.

Webinars OnAir truly is the all-in-one tool suite for Google+ Hangouts. Finally, you can host your own webinars with monetization features that can’t be found anywhere else, for a fraction of the cost. Go ahead and check us out! You can start a 7 day free trial today!

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