How to be Sociable in a Webinar

How to be Sociable in a Webinar

During a webinar, some people do not know what to say or how to act. This is common especially for older folks who did not grow up with this technology. Fortunately, when following these five webinar tips, one can be more sociable and get more out of the experience.

Names: In person, it is often easy to get the name of conference attendees or other people. On a webinar, one will struggle with this and must ask everyone for their name. When people are on a first name basis, it will be easier for other people to ask questions and make inquiries. Remembers, just like in the real world, people are unlikely to make serious inquiries if they do not know the names of other people in the conference. To get the point across and remember people’s names, the host should always repeat the name of the person he or she is talking to, this will help a host remember the name and not cause any issues in the future.

Speak slowly: Often, one will mumble or speak too quickly during a webinar hangout. When speaking fast, one will confuse listeners and create problems. One must remember that people on the webinar may not be native speakers while others may have hearing problems. When speaking loud and clear, and with authority, one will not have a problem with listeners understanding their ideas. Without a doubt, one must take this tip seriously as many people get on a conference call or webinar and speak at a torrid pace.

Engage: A host should, without singling out people, engage other attendees by asking them open-ended questions. When speaking with the entire group, the host can make everyone feel at ease and encourage people to ask their own questions and engage with other members during the webinar software. When done tactfully and correctly, one can create a buzz and excite the attendees.

Verify: When giving out pertinent information, one should verify that the people understand the concept or idea. To verify, one can simply ask the listeners if they have any questions or if they need to have anything repeated. When the attendees are comfortable with the speaker, they should have no problem speaking out and telling the host that they do not understand a concept or idea. Luckily, when repeating the key ideas and terms, one can make sure that attendees do not miss out on information.

Introduction: When starting the webinar, everyone should provide a brief introduction about and their need for attending the webinar. During this process, attendees can give their name to other people. This is another opportunity for attendees to get involved in the process and begin to understand each other without causing confusion. Remember, keep the introductions brief, and to the point.

When running a webinar, one can get people to engage with each other and encourage them to become sociable. When this happens, the event should be a success as people will start getting comfortable with other attendees.

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