Innovative Webinar Software

Innovative Webinar Software

Are you looking for innovative webinar software? Are you sick of not being able to afford all the webinar features you want? There is finally a simple, affordable webinar software solution made especially for small companies, Webinars OnAir. Webinars OnAir is based on the Google platform so there is virtually no set-up involved. Plus there are no long-term contracts; you can pay month to month with this webinar software.

What is Webinars OnAir?

Webinars OnAir is a new innovative webinar software platform made especially for small businesses. With this webinar software you can make money as well as host programs. Plus this webinar software is built on the Google platform that everyone knows and trusts. This webinar experience is engineered to get your company results and there is virtually no set-up involved!  Webinars OnAir also offers clients the ability to have more attendees than most of the competitor’s software. This means lower costs for you with more return. If your business has a Google+ account then you’re halfway there to having your Webinars OnAir account set-up and ready to run.

Webinar Software Features

Webinars OnAir has features that most of the best webinar software services do not. With Webinars OnAir you can charge your attendees to join the webinar via Paypal, quickly and easily. No more invoicing and waiting for clients payments to come in. Are you selling items at the end of your webinar? No problem! You can sell your items with one click. This feature is not offered on most of the big webinar software. Make your webinar more engaging and never lose a webinar attendee halfway through! By using the 10 moderators/speakers feature! Best of all, Webinars OnAir uses the Google foundation that you know and trust! Webinars OnAir also allows you to go social! Attendees can invite their social media friends with a click of a button!

Why Choose Webinars OnAir?

Webinars OnAir offers features that you can’t get with most large-scale webinar services, is super affordable and allows you social interaction, email interaction and more. Webinars OnAir is the only webinar platform designed so that you can profit from your webinars. Furthermore, unlike the more expensive webinar programs out there, Webinars OnAir is easy to use. Step-by-Step tutorials guide you through the entire webinar process. Try the 7 day trial of Webinars OnAir and you will never look back at any other webinar software.

Try Webinars OnAir today! You will be happy with the results of this impressive webinar solution.

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