PREMIUM Giveaway, Party Time, and Affiliates Welcome

We have had quite a big last few weeks over at Webinars OnAir, and it’s time we celebrate!

With your help, we have successfully launched the most powerful and innovative webinar platform the market has ever seen, and we wanted to throw a party!

AND we wanted to say thank-you for your business, and your loyalty already as a Webinars OnAir customer. We sincerely look forward to serving your webinar needs for years to come.

So here’s the deal… our good friend and Webinars OnAir Co-Founder Brian Fanale is hosting a LIVE re-cap of a webinar he held last night. IF you ever wanted to know how to MONETIZE your webinars to the tune of THOUSANDS of dollars per month, this recorded webinar will show you exactly how to do that… be careful though, this thing is powerful:

== >

Brian’s graciously agreed to do a LIVE re-cap of this webinar Tonight, Friday, July 12th at 5 PM EST.

Here’s the GIVEAWAY:
Fanale is giving away THOUSANDS of dollars in tangible bonuses to ALL PREMIIUM (premium only) WOA customers that will 100% help get you where you want to be financially with your business:

== >

Tonight, Friday, July 12th at 5 PM EST

(NOTE: if you were on Wed night’s webinar and you bought before midnight, you will get the bonuses on Monday regardless of if you’re a Basic OR a Premium member… if you didn’t buy last night, you MUST become a PREMIUM member to receive the thousands of dollars in bonuses)

Honestly, the “Paint-by-Numbers” powerpoint alone he’s giving to PREMIUM members is a blueprint that has the potential to essentially pay you for life… it’s a fill-in-the-blank powerpoint you can refer to over and over again, and re-use
so that you can create webinars that SELL with ease as we guide you through the simple process.

THIS OFFER ENDS this FRIDAY before the Party starts at 5 PM EST.

REGISTER HERE for the special FREE VIP Exclusive party:

== >

We’ll see you tomorrow!

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