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Why are automated webinars unbelievably powerful,
and why should you set one up TODAY?!

Imagine not having to show up and host your webinars, yet your webinars run for you 24x7 like clockwork even in your sleep... doesn't that feel awesome, just the thought?!

If you go on vacation, set up an automated webinar so you can make sales doing NOTHING while you're on the beach... does it get any better?! This is now a reality!

You can turn a scheduled LIVE webinar into an 'Automated Webinar' at the drop of a dime so that if an emergency pops up you are covered (or if you just don't feel like showing up live for whatever reason... hey, it's YOUR business!)

You could have an 'Automated Webinar' DAILY while you're doing other things to build your business to become 100x more effective with your time! (this is essentially cloning yourself so you can get twice as much done in the same amount of time)

You could set up an 'Automated Webinar' to train YOUR global sales team on autopilot, and share your desktop with customers in China while you're in California playing golf.

YES, these Automated Webinars still build YOUR list in YOUR autoresponder.

YES, you can also log in and RUN the webinar as if it were live! (this means you can enable chat, q&a, polls, offers, and force redirect attendees LIVE if you want to... totally optional, and a very cool feature!)

All you have to do is drive some traffic, and you can have an 'Automated Webinar' set up to work for you 24x7 without ever having to show up!

FYI, this is a 100% bulletproof webinar... NO Google Hangout issues EVER, period, it's completely iron clad... no hurdles, no finicky weird stuff with Google or Hangouts, just a SOLID 'Automated Webinar' that looks, acts, feels, and most importantly converts like a Live Event!

TOTAL LEVERAGE... Save time, make more, & work less when you AUTOMATE YOUR BUSINESS starting today!

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