4: Starting your webinar broadcast with YouTube Live (4:40)

NEW USER? If this is your first time using our application you need to click the button below to load our app and grant permission to use in your hangouts! Once you do that, you can close the window that opens. Click here to view more in-depth instructions.

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Starting your webinar is a breeze. This training video will show you how to use YouTube Live to go live with your webinar and connect to your attendee room.

You MUST have a Google+ & YouTube account to be able to use YouTube Live, and the Webinars OnAir tool suite. If you have not gone through the setup process yet, please follow the steps in this training video before attempting to start your first webinar.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have multiple YouTube channels connected to your Google Account (like a business channel AND a personal channel), you will need to make sure that whichever YouTube channel you use is VERIFIED!. Please click here to take a look at the steps to take to ensure you are verifying the correct YouTube Channel.

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