Choosing Between Webinar Providers

There are dozens upon dozens of webinar providers. How can you choose just one when so many could fit your needs? Choosing between them can be simple if you follow these steps to comparing different webinar providers.

Features of Webinar Providers

Webinar provider features vary and you may find it a daunting task to decide which features are right for you. First you should make a list of what you hope to accomplish with your webinar. Do you want to have your audience interact? Are you interested in recording your webinar? Are you interested in webinar providers that help you register your audience? These are all the types of questions you should answer before comparing features of webinar providers.

Some webinar providers may just have a few features such as recording and polling options.  Other webinar providers do everything except give the presentation for you. Remember, when looking at features, that the price of the service will depend upon the number of features they offer.

 Compare Costs of Webinar Providers

Costs also vary among webinar providers. Some charge as little as $20 a month, while others can go into hundreds of dollars. Determine the maximum number of attendees you will have per webinar. That will take many of the webinar providers you are comparing off of the list. Next, you should use the feature list you made above to determine what other webinar providers to knock off your list.  

If the webinar provider has more features than you need, don’t consider it. Conversely if it has too few features, pass. You want to get the best webinar provider for your budget and you want to be sure that it checks most of the boxes on your “must have” list. 

 Read Reviews of Webinar Providers

Once you have a list of 5-7 webinar providers it’s time to start reading reviews! Go online and read user reviews for the webinar providers you are considering.  Look at the pros and cons and any technical issues users have encountered.  Check reviews on more than one website and try and not to read reviews off the provider’s site. Reviews on the provider’s website can be slanted towards the provider. 

Ask colleagues and friends if they have had experience with webinar providers. Get as much feedback as you can before making a decision about which webinar provider to use. Reviews of the webinar providers will help you narrow down your list even more. 

Once you have your list narrowed to 2-3 providers see if you can demo the webinar software. Once you demo the software and see how it really works then you will be able to make a choice as to which webinar provider is the best for you. 


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