The Most Important New Word in Webinars: Monetization!

Webinars are becoming a very popular way to communicate on the web. Not that long ago, few people had even heard of webinars. Then came a stage when you needed a large budget and lots of technical know-how to create a webinar. Now, however, this web conferencing technology is within easy reach of almost anyone trying to promote a business of any size.


You may have noticed that many online webinars today are free. If you are involved in the world of marketing at all, you probably get invited to free webinars every day. On the other hand, it’s also possible to monetize a webinar. You can charge whatever amount of money that you feel the event is worth. What are the reasons why you might want to monetize your webinar? The obvious reason, of course, is that it’s nice to make money when you put on an event. The real question, though, is how your customers will react to this. Will they resist paying, feeling that they can find the same information for free elsewhere? It is a matter of personal preference whether you choose to charge for a webinar or give people free access to it. You should not, however, fall into the trap of thinking that they all must be free. Remember that when people get something for free, they tend to put less value on it. It’s also true that by now people know that a “free” webinar is usually a way to pre-sell something, usually an expensive course. In fact, free webinars have gotten similar to the type of infomercials that have long been popular on TV. The so-called free information is really a long pitch. When you charge for a webinar, you are sending the message that you intend to give them real value, not simply a long commercial. This increases the perceived value and may even get you more attendees. Of course, if you do charge you should live up to the promise and deliver something of value. You don’t have to charge a high fee for your webinar. The price will depend on what you are offering. The very fact of charging, though, can work in your favor and separate you from the multitude of free webinars constantly being promoted.


How do you go about monetizing webinars? There are ways to set it up manually, but this can be a lot of work. There is one quality webinar service called Webinars OnAir that gives you the ability to easily set up and monetize your webinars. This is the most convenient way to create professional, well organized online webinars that are monetized.

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