Urgent Update – New Google Hangouts On Air Updates


As you most likely have heard, Google has announced that they are “killing” Hangouts On Air. At least that’s what the news outlets and bloggers reported. That is simply not the case, and nothing is dying. The changes they are making (which will occur on September 12th) will basically move Hangouts On Air over to YouTube rather than Google+ – more or less a branding change, which makes sense as Hangouts always used YouTube’s live broadcasting system anyway.

IMPORTANT – While we firmly believe that this will be a seamless transition for Webinars On Air users, Google has been known to roll out unannounced changes and updates without alerting developers prior to the release. We are strongly suggesting that our users take that into account, and if you have a webinar scheduled right now for September 12th simply postpone it a day or two. We would hate for this update to affect a scheduled webinar of yours.

Since the announcement, we have been researching and testing what all will be changing due to this update. We are happy to announce that these updates should not affect our system nor it’s ability to run webinars using Hangouts On Air as our backbone. We will continue to research and test up to and on September 12th to make sure you experience no issues after this move.

Again, at this time, we simply recommend not scheduling any webinars on September 12th. If you already have one scheduled, we recommend you postpone it until at least the 13th to give us time to confirm all is well with Google & Hangouts On Air… and of course we will get you any new training if it’s needed on any of the updates.

What do you need to do now?
Well, regarding the move of Hangouts On Air over to YouTube, nothing other than rescheduling any webinars you have planned on the 12th (again, optional but recommended). However, in case you missed our last email, YouTube has combined this update with a small change in their policies regarding embedding of live videos (which Webinars OnAir needs to create your attendee room). You now need to connect an AdSense account to your youtube channel. It’s a simple process and we have it outlined on our blog here: https://www.webinarsonair.com/urgent-update-webinars-onair-users/ – The process could take a couple of days for approval, so if you have not done this yet, we recommend you get started with it now.

We will be in constant communication with our members as we continue to test and monitor this new change. We will email you with any necessary updates on or before the 12th. Keeping your Webinars OnAir system running smoothly for our valued clients is our top priority. We look forward to serving your webinars needs now and in the years to come.

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