Webinar Mistakes to Avoid

Webinar Mistakes to Avoid

If you are planning to host a webinar, you want to make sure you are following a few simple rules to make sure your webinar is successful. Using webinar software will help to simplify the process and allow you to flow through the webinar with ease. Consider the following things to avoid when hosting your webinar:

Cramming Information into Your Slides
Few things are worse than trying to watch a slide that has an overabundance of information all crammed into one spot. Not only is it going to dissuade the viewer, but it will make you sit on the same slide for more than what you need to. Each slide should contain a single idea with a maximum of three distinct points. Photos, graphics, charts and objects will help to illustrate your point better than a bunch of text will. Some text is fine, but you don’t want to overdo it.

Moving at Too Slow of a Speed
When it comes time to do a webinar, you want to make sure you are moving at an adequate speed. Talking too slow will tend to bore people, which will turn them off to your ideas. Inject emotion into your speech. Voice speed dictates the amount of energy your viewer is going to feel when they watch the webinar.

Avoid Making the Entire Webinar a Sales Pitch
If the majority of your webinar is nothing more than a sales pitch, people will end up tuning you out and avoid coming to any more of your webinars. Make sure you are conducting education-based selling. Educate participants about the problem and tell them why it’s bad. Make sure they understand the consequences of the problem. Discuss what the solutions are to the problem. Go over the pros and cons of the solutions and introduce what you feel is the best solution and why.

Proper Positioning is Important
The manner in which you open your webinar is critical. People want to know that they are dealing with someone who is an expert in the field before they are going to take you seriously. Have someone introduce you that highlights all of your strengths, accomplishments and achievements. This will get people on to the bandwagon with what you have to say. If people don’t know what you have to offer, they are going to shy away.

No Proof in Your Presentations
One of the biggest elements to a presentation is that of proof. When you leave proof out of the presentation, you are taking out the main element that is going to make someone reach into their pocket and buy. Proof can come from case studies, awards, testimonials, photos, videos or documented results. The higher the amount of proof you provide, the more you are going to convert lookers into buyers.

Don’t Talk Down to Those in Attendance
Treat those who come to the webinar as individuals that are on the same level as you are. Speaking to them like they are idiots is a sure way to get them to find another webinar hangout.

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