Webinar Platform for Google+ Hangouts

Webinar Platform for Google+ Hangouts

The Google name that everyone knows and trusts now has a webinar platform that is designed specifically for Google+ Hangouts.  Webinars OnAir is the only all-in-one webinar suite for Google+ Hangouts.

How Google+ Can Help Your Webinars

Google+ Hangouts is an innovative Google product that allows you to share anything across your Google Network.  When you click Broadcast in your Hangout, the feed is broadcasted to your Google and YouTube networks.  Using Webinars OnAir, you can expand your interactivity with your Hangout audience and turn your Hangout into an actual webinar.. There is no better way to market your event then using a webinar platform like this. Plus, Google is a name that your audience knows and trusts and works well on all operating systems.

What’s Different about Webinars OnAir?

Webinars OnAir uses the most innovative and intuitive webinar tool suite combined with Google+ Hangouts. You will experience webinars like never before.  You can quickly and easily create a “paid” webinar where your attendees pay via Paypal.  There is no paperwork for you to deal with! You can share your offers with your attendees with one click! What other webinar platform allows you to do that?  You can also re-direct your attendees at the end of your webinar ensuring that they see what you want them to see. This is added value to your webinar event.

Is it Right for Me?

Many webinar platforms with these features may cost your business thousands of dollars a month, but Webinars OnAir is built specifically for small businesses.  They are the only all-in-one webinar suite designed for Google+ Hangouts and are 1/10th of the price of their competitors.  Webinars OnAir is also designed so that when people register for your webinars, they actually join your personal auto-responder e-mail list automatically. This means you don’t have to do any work to obtain those addresses since Webinars OnAir is doing it for you!

Is it Easy to Use?

Not only is this webinar solution affordable, but it is also easy to use.  Webinars OnAir provides you with user-friendly step-by-step tutorials to get you hosting your webinars right away! Webinars OnAir guarantees you will be an expert in less than 30 minutes.  The set-up is just as easy as using it—just log in to you Google+ Account!

What’s The Catch?

There is no catch.  Webinars with these features normally cost thousands of dollars a month.  Webinars OnAir is specifically designed for small businesses! There are no long-term contracts to sign and you can change plans at any time.

If you want to successfully market your webinars and get the most bang for your buck, using a webinar platform based on Google+ Hangouts is the way to go.

To learn more about this innovative webinar platform go to www.webinarsonair.com

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