5: Webinar Room and Tool Suite Walkthrough (14:07)

View this video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjUIn9Trqqs

**UPDATE** 5/21/13 – As of the new Google+ Hangouts update, you may notice a delay of about 1 minute on the stream to your attendees view. We’ve been told that Google is currently working on getting that delay down, but its there because the new update also allows for Live Rewind – basically like a DVR! We’ll keep this update with any news we have regarding these new updates.

Here we take you on a walkthrough of all the features and tools that come with Webinars OnAir. You’ll get to see these tools in action from both the moderator view and the attendees view.

Note: Please be sure you understand how to create your own webinars and how to start your webinars before viewing this tutorial.

*NEW* 3/20/13 We added a brand new “Raising Hands” tool and it has been added to this video. You can learn about it at minute 6:30

*NEW* 3/20/13 We have made some MAJOR updates to the Questions & Answers tool. You can see the new features at minute 4:25

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