Cost-Effective Webinar Service Providers are Popping Up with Google+ Hangouts New On Air Feature

Cost-Effective Webinar Service Providers are Popping Up with Google+ Hangouts New On Air Feature

Webinars are a great, cost-effective means of marketing your products and services to clients and potential clients. Google has changed the face of webinar services forever with Google+ Hangouts.

What is Hangouts On Air?

Hangouts On Air was launched by Google in 2012 and lets users stream what they are doing on Hangout On Air through their Google+ account and their YouTube account.  With the YouTube account, the Google broadcast is recorded automatically. Strictly using Hangouts On Air isn’t going to generate any revenue for you as there is no way to charge your attendees, but there is a low-cost webinar service provider, Webinars OnAir that works off of the Google+ platform.

Challenges to Google Webinar Services

There are some small challenges to Google changing the face of webinar services.  To hose a webinar that is used on the Google+ platform, you must have a Google sign on.  There also can be a small delay with the buffering of live streaming.

If you are solely using Google+ for your webinar, you won’t be able to charge attendees as there is no registration process.  You also won’t have any way to send automatic reminders to your attendees like you would if you used a service that integrated with Google+.

Webinar Service Providers

A revolutionary new webinar service provider, Webinars OnAir, seamlessly integrates with Google+.  You will still be able to broadcast your webinars across your Google Hangouts network and YouTube account but you will have all the features of a webinar service. With this particular webinar service you will need a google+ account, but your attendees will not need to use a Google account.  They will be able to pay for the webinar up front through Paypal or register for free using your Webinars OnAir service.  Email reminders will go out automatically to attendees and those emails addresses will automatically added to your lead list.


Although using Google+ Hangouts is free to use, you won’t be able to monetize your webinars unless you use a webinar service.  Webinars OnAir is so affordable that it will pay for itself in no time! There is little to no back end work on your part when setting up a webinar with Webinars OnAir.  You simply schedule your webinar and let the power of Google and Webinars OnAir do the work for you.  Your company will profit from the results.  This webinar service can also show one-click offers to your attendees throughout the webinar generating even more revenue.  There are also no contracts required with Webinars OnAir; you can cancel at any time.

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