Webinars and the Digital Marketing Plan

Webinars and the Digital Marketing Plan

A digital marketing plan can be hugely successful with the addition of webinars for key aspects of marketing development. A webinar is a live virtual event with presenters and participants. When included as part of a marketing plan, webinar use has several benefits.

  • Generate leads
  • Establish expertise
  • Sell a product
  • Explain a service
  • Create a visual user’s manual

A variety of webinar software is available to create effective webinars for training, marketing, and information dissemination. Factors to consider in choosing a webinar service are cost, ease of use, technical support, and delivery systems.

Adding webinars to a marketing plan is a sound strategy for growing a new or small business. Most large companies use webinars for training, teamwork, and marketing. Webinars are used to reach an audience, offer opportunities for interaction, and to generate revenue.

A recorded copy of a webinar is saved and accessed by customers or clients on a fee or free basis. This increases the revenue potential on a webinar event. Websites increasingly offer a library of webinars to reach an audience over time. Tutorials, sales opportunities, and multi-level marketing strategies remain in place for access by customers or clients after the live event occurs.

Marketing is a part of the webinar, and it is important to plan the webinar process. A company has meetings to create the webinar content that will be offered. Planning meetings to determine the marketing strategy for reaching the target audience are initial efforts, followed by promotion of the webinar on social networks and other media sources. Registration of participants for the live event and payment systems (for fee-based events) are pre-event procedures. Using a registration page allows the presenter to anticipate audience size.

For companies seeking a large participant group, web conferencing service providers offer organization of webinar components and technical assistance during the event. Companies can access high-quality webinar services within a range of pricing plans. Some webinar service providers offer free webinar services with reduced features or for a limited time.

Webinars provide opportunities for multi-level marketing by increasing the potential sales force. In a webinar of 100 participants, if five participants sign on to serve as part of the sales force the return on cost is tremendous. A webinar itself is part of the multi-level marketing plan if provided on a fee basis.

Webinar solutions include webinar hangouts in which live meetings are transmitted through mobile services. Mobile webinar access is an excellent tool for virtual meetings by saving the costs associated with gathering a group of people together in one place. Mobile webinar technology increases revenue by reaching a larger potential audience with a higher rate of participation because participants use mobile devices to attend a live webinar.

The digital marketing plan should include the use of webinar technology to increase sales and associations. Using webinars to reach a larger audience through networking strategies creates a larger customer base with enhanced return on investments.


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