Webinars OnAir Training Series: Session 1 – The Introduction

Look, webinars can be one of the most profitable things you can do for your business, and do you know what the most important part is?


If you get this part wrong, your attendees will not be ‘hooked’ or ‘engaged,’ which means they will drop off and leave your webinar within minutes (which is detrimental to your bottom line).

In this short 6 minute video, we’re going to teach you how a $20 Million Dollar Man starts every single one of his webinars for maximum profit and engagement.

There is a science and reason behind EVERY WORD the guy in the above video says. Every single sentence is strategically placed in the introduction to maximize the experience and get your attendees to stick on your webinar like bees on honey.

THIS IS A BIG DEAL. If you get this part right, YOU WILL WIN!

  • “Starting on Time, as promised”  <<< Why saying this induces the most important feeling in your attendee within the first 10 seconds of your webinar. CRITICAL!
  • EMOTIONS EMOTIONS EMOTIONS… how to evoke the right emotions right from the get go. (and why)
  • The #1 thing you MUST do in the first minute of your webinar to “HOOK” your attendees so they stay on your webinar and buy your stuff.
  • The simple step you can take within the first 2 minutes of your webinar to get VIRAL and MASSIVE exposure. SO SIMPLE!

Your webinar introduction is KEY, and so many people get this part wrong. Take this special 6-min video tutorial as a gift 1 from your Webinars OnAir Team for subscribing to our newsletter:

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