Webinars OnAir Training Series | Session 2 | The Introduction Part 2

In the last training session we dissected for a few minutes the million dollar introduction that you can “hijack” and use for your own webinars.

In today’s short tutorial, we’re going to go over PART 2 of your vital introduction.

*** Warning: if you get any part of this introduction wrong, it will cost you sales and money. Watch the above video like a hawk because this is the ONLY way you should be starting your webinars.

You are going to learn why the first 3 minutes of your webinar are the most CRITICAL, and how your ’3-Min Intro’ can GUARANTEE your Webinar’s Success.


  • You want to get your prospects & customers feeling good and in STATE! Get them to grab their favorite beverage & immediately get them happy!
  • “Some lives are going to change by the end of this webinar” <<< Saying this opens them up to a new possibility, a new reality, maybe even buying YOUR product.
  • “Stay on until the end of the webinar because you’ll get my FREE bonus” <<< Saying this dramatically keeps your customers on your webinar until the very end.
  • Your “HOOK” is the #1 most important part of the intro (this is WHY your customers are showing up in the first place, and WHY they will buy your stuff!)

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