Webinars OnAir Training Series | Session 3 | The Hook

Discover the Simple Steps to Create an Irresistible “HOOK” for Your Webinar that Dramatically Enhances the Performance & Profitability of Your Webinar.

Why are people going to “stick” and stay on your webinar?

What are they going to learn?

How do they benefit?

Why should they stay?

Where is the VALUE?

What’s in it for them!?  (NOT you!)

This is what we call the “HOOK.” And it needs to be SEXY.

Note: it doesn’t need to cure cancer or anything, but it does need to ‘hook’ your prospects, capture their attention, and provide some type of solution or pain-killer to their pain.

And whether or not you get this part right will determine the success (or failure) of your webinar.

Today’s strategic tutorial about your ‘Hook’ is ever-so-important,  and it’s waiting for you here.


  • Your “Hook” does NOT need to cure cancer… however, it does need to be EXACTLY what your target market wants, and packaged in a way that “HOOKS” them to stay on your webinar!
  • Find your target market’s #1 pain, and craft your “HOOK” around that #1 pain… Remember, PROVIDE VALUE through EDUCATIONAL SELLING (don’t just sell… nobody likes to be sold)
  • “I’m going to make you a BOLD promise, and I will deliver” <<< Whatever follows this statement needs to be YOUR ‘HOOK,’ the reason they are on your webinar.
  • Saying “and I will to deliver on that promise” elicits more trust in your prospects. The more they trust you, the more likely they are to buy your stuff!

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