Webinars OnAir Training Series | Session 4 | The Story

You’re in for a real treat today.

We have a guy who’s sold millions of dollars on webinars, and he says that without “X,” you have NOTHING!

Said differently,

“If you don’t have “X” you will make no sales and turn no profit on your webinars, period.”

Want to discover what “X” is?

This secret “X” is waiting for you  inside today’s training.


  • Your story is EASY to craft around your product, service, or offer and WHY THEY NEED TO BUY YOUR STUFF to get the benefits… just get creative!
  • Personal and self-deprecating stories work the best to move, touch, and inspire people so they buy your offer (increases sales 10-fold)
  • EMOTIONS. For example, you tell personal stories about your life before AND after your product to elicit EMOTIONS (this is where sales are made)
  • Use a story to frame the benefits of the benefits of your product in your webinar registration page and on your webinar for maximum results & profit

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