Webinars OnAir Training Series | Session 5 | Establish Credibility

Why should your prospects and customers listen to you?

You MUST be able to answer this question well enough so that your prospects register and show up for your webinar.

So here’s my question:

Have you established enough credibility and authority to persuade potential customers to 100% register and show up for your webinars?

HINT: If your prospects don’t see you as an authority figure or someone they can learn from, they will never attend one of your webinars (or buy your product, service, or offer).

And your business fails, and you go broke…

But don’t worry because this latest session in our Webinars OnAir training series is a quick 3 minute video revealing how ANYONE can establish instant credibility on webinars.

This is Important! Without establishing some form of credibility, it’s going to be very very VERY difficult to have success online.

In 3 minutes you will know how you can accomplish this immediately on your webinars!


  • Simply successfully answer the question, “Why should your prospect listen to you?”, and you will have established credibility.
  • You MUST establish some type of credibility and authority, which you will do if you Simply Say YOU are an authority on the subject and briefly explain WHY (it can be one sentence)
  • Show some type of ‘Social Proof’ to your prospects that you are indeed an authority on “X” subject – It visually shows & proves to them WHY they should listen to you in the first place! 
  • People want to work with successful people: people who are not just talking the talk, but who know what they’re talking about (simply prove to them you’re a leader with VALUE on the subject matter)

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