Webinars OnAir Training Series | Session 7 | Promise

Have you ever been on a webinar where you were promised to get one thing, but the content on the webinar was completely different from what was promised?

This happens all too often, and it is the fastest way to go out of business if you’re leveraging the power of webinars. (we’ve seen ti happen!)

Today’s tutorial is simple, but SO vitally important.

  • You 100% MUST deliver what you promise to all of your webinar registrants - If someone registers for your webinar and you don’t give them EXACTLY what you promised, you will lose a customer forever.
  • As you Deliver what you promised, say things like “This is EXACTLY what I promised you, and this is EXACTLY what I’m giving you.” It boosts trust between you and your prospect, which increases sales.
  • It’s better to under promise and OVER deliver than it is to over promise and under deliver. If your webinar registrants leave with a sour taste in their mouth for any reason, your webinars will NOT make you money and bad PR or bad reviews online can kill your company FAST.
  • Simply be congruent and in integrity, and DELIVER THE CONTENT YOU PROMISED YOUR ATTENDEES. (this goes a LONG way in creating and keeping a repeat customer, and it’s just good business)

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