Just What is a Webinar?

Just What is a Webinar?

Webinar means a seminar over the web. People can use webinar software to train together online and have conferences with each other. A meeting can be easily broadcasted over a group of people situated in different areas of the world using webinars. There is a live feed and audio availability and makes life much easier for business organizations and institutions.


Components of a webinar include the presentation of the meeting host and the audio part of the presentation which uses the phone or the internet to go through. Most webinars have the facility of a chat box through which people can post comments and have discussions. The presentation tends to be a slideshow in most cases but it can also be a live feed or a video feed which is available on the desktop of the meeting host. VOIP or Voiceover Internet Protocol is used for audio transmission. People can also virtually raise their hands using other interesting options in web conferencing.


The main advantage of a webinar is its ability to merge audio and video components together for an online presentation. Webinar solutions let people use both these devices. The result of this is that the ideas and presented in a clearer manner, communication is better and more accurate, concepts are cleared easily and there is also a personalized touch. There are no vague ideas because everything is so transparent and clear with webinars.


The audio and video streaming a webinar requires can take quite a toll on one’s bandwidth. If the bandwidth is not up to par, the stream may be interrupted. If this happens, calls may experience lag or may even be dropped all together. A video feed would require a greater bandwidth than the audio one but a live video feed would need even more. The host would be affected because their computer would slow down. When hosting your own personal webinar, please make sure you are linked up to a strong, stable internet connection.

Webinars offer a unique benefit to small businesses and ecommerce businesses, and thus should be considered as a viable option in order to conduct business or communicate with customers. For quality webinar services, it is best to check out Webinars OnAir at www.webinarsonair.com.

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